All season walking act for inhabited giant puppets

Les Balladines appear and everything calms down. Slowly, gently, they walk with a light step. They take you instantly in a sweet timeless journey, at their own pace. They are impressive, mysterious, surprising, poetic, playful. They are silent. We just hear the light tinkling of the little bells of their dress. They stroll, tease and delight young and old people. All in tenderness and softness, they give colourful paper hearts to mark the privileged moment of the meeting.

A promise of sweetness

Les Balladines are slowness in the fast pace of our lives; sweetness, calm, silence. And the public says : “Oh! they are so sweet, it’s so nice!”

Wandering dream, they embrace each scene of our daily life, covering them with softness, leaving the passers-by astounded. It’s impossible to resist to the sweetness of these characters. In front of so much tenderness of Les Balladines, the audience literally fall for them.
Played according to the events, places, and meetings with the public, designed for the street, in the shape of a moving show, Les Balladines are three funny puppets of about 1,95 meter high.

Interpretation : Alexandra Cochard, Sophie Verroest, Roselyne Chauviré


Les Balladines over the seasons

Summer Balladines Balladines rainy day  Winter Balladines  Balladines at night


Summer Balladines wear ballerinas

Balladines rainy day wear rain boots and umbrellas

Winter Balladines wear fur boots, capelines and mittens

Balladines at night under their little starry sky, in summer as in winter


Contact :

Agathe Carudel  production manager
0033 698 96 26 38