Walking act for inhabited giant puppet

What’s Billy doing?
He doesn’t do anything at all.
He strolls, his hands in his pockets.
Billy Bulle “bulle”.

Billy is happy. And that’s not nothing!

His name is Billy Bulle. He could be called Billy Bubble because he makes soap bubbles.
In french “une bulle” is a bubble and also when we say that somebody “bulle(s)”,
it means that he does nothing, he just feels good, he is happy,
he strolls and says hello to people, he contemplates, smiles…
And that’s exactly what Billy Bulle does, he “bulle(s)”… and makes soap bubbles too.
He sometimes looks like a bubble gum, elastic and… he makes bubbles.
So you can call him Billy Bubble if you want.
Billy is a funny little guy, he walks like a duck.
He seems to be coming from a cartoon or a comic.
Maybe he is in his own bubble?
So welcome in Billy Bulle’s bubble of happiness...

This show stages the confrontation of an imaginary, very graphic character, with reality. A confrontation that causes a breakdown conducive to poetry, laughter and sharing.
Billy Bulle feels comfortable everywhere : in the city, in the countryside, at the sea or in the mountains. Played according to the events, places, and meetings with the public, designed for the street, in the shape of a moving show, Billy Bulle is a funny puppet of about 1,90 meter high.


Billy Bulle “bulle(s)” at…

… Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

… Cholet

… Sol y Fiesta

… Rockissimômes

Video music : Roselyne Chauviré

… Ruminghem

… Les Jeudis de Perpignan

Video music : Roselyne Chauviré



Places which have already welcome him : 01 La fête de l’Eau – Oyonnax 11 Sol y Fiesta – Leucate 22 Les Esclaffades – Saint-Hélen 22 Octobre Rose – Pont-l’Abbé 37 Journée de la Marionnette – Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire 44  Cité des Congrès – Nantes / Les Flâneries de Noël – Orvault 49  Les Enfantillages – Cholet 62 Les Utopitreries – Ruminghem 66 Jeudis de l’été – Perpignan 72 Festival Rockissimo – Sablé-sur-Sarthe 91 La fête des Mômes – Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois  

Contact :

Agathe Carudel  production manager
0033 698 96 26 38